What are we going to eat today?

2019-06-13 / mgrubinger / 0 reactions / Tools: svelte, firebase / Tasks: idea, development

Every day at around noon we face the same problem at the Fluxguide office: What are we going to eat today?

Because of that, and, more importantly, because I really wanted to build something using Svelte, I decided to build an app for that.

Using What are we going to eat today? you can add all the possible things you can get for lunch (along with price and distance information) and then hit that bigass yellow button. Using Artificial Intelligence on a Blockchain and AR, the app decides to read your mind and suggest what you should get for lunch today.

(Ok, actually it is simply a simple dumb randomizing function.)

This app has been retired in the meantime.

Tech: I used svelte to build the app, which was really easy to get started with. I especially like how many things are already baked in (transition, stores, settings tags in the <head> of your document, to name just a few) and still it’s very simple to use.

For storing data as well as authentication, I used Google Firebase. It was quite easy to set up and use in a svelte app. Unfortunately I only discovered late in the process that it adds around 500kb to my Javascript-bundle. Uarg! Since this is just a fun side-project, I did not bother to implement an other data storing and auth solution.

The app was hosted on Netlify, of course.





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