Kennedy Space Center Visitor Guide

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This project was realized at Fluxguide

We developed a brand new media guiding system to further enhance the visitor experience at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida.

Visitors to the complex can rent a media guide to explore attractions and shows during their visit. As they walk around, the app will automagically show closeby exhibits and attractions. A map prevents getting lost.

The guide is available in 14 languages and can also be used inside the theatres to listen to synchronized audio in the visitor’s own language. At specific locations the exhibits come to live using Augmented Reality.

Key Features

  • Audio and multimedia content in 14 languages
  • Fully accessible
  • Map with GPS
  • iBeacon triggering throughout the visitor complex
  • Dynamic GPS-based triggering while on bus-rides
  • lipsync audio content while in theatres
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Deployed on site, over 400 devices including charging infrastructure
  • custom CMS to edit contents

Space Chase! App

In addition to the onsite visitor guide, we developed a downloadable educational/quiz app: Space Chase! (on iOS and Android )


Fluxguide – App: Design, Development, Integrations

Q Media Productions – Project Lead, Production and Storytelling

Imagineer – Hardware (Android Players, Charging Racks, Headphones)

Psiori – AR development






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