Martin Grubinger, a web developer from Austria

I started a blog!


But hey – you already know this by now, since you’re reading this… on my blog. 🤷‍♂️ #stating-the-obvious


The reason I launched a blog is that I wanted to have a place to write about what I am currently learning or working on. Hopefully my writings can also help others in learning as well! This blog also acts as my playground, where I can just try out new stuff.

I intend to write about these topics (non exhaustive list):

  • React (with Gatsby and Next.js)
  • CSS
  • Svelte
  • Front-End Development in general
  • Building offline stuff (like in: using actual physical tools)
  • and probably lots of other topics, we’ll see…

Follow along

There’s no rss feed until now, but you can follow me: I’m @mgrubinger on twitter

If you found anything useful (or if you disagree with something) on my blog, I’d absolutely love to hear from you!