Martin Grubinger

Hi, I'm Martin Grubinger,
builder of web-things.

Welcome to my website, my blog, my digital garden 🪴.

This is where I write about what I’ve learned and show off projects I worked on. This is also where I want to be found on the web, my public business card in a way. I aim to cultivate this site as is grows, write more, improve it, experiment and try out new things.

Currently I am a Lead Front-end Developer at (since February 2020). From 2013–2020 I was a Technology Director at Fluxguide in Vienna. I also tought a course on front-end web development at University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten from 2019–2021.

From 2007-2012 I studied Digital Media Technologies at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. In 2010 I had the amazing opportunity to do an internship at Second Story Interactive Studios in Portland, Oregon. Besides my main job I love working on side projects to try out new tools. Many of those projects you can see in the Projects section.

In 2015/16 I traveled from Vienna, Austria to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by motorcycle. You can read more about my adventure on my blog (German only) or buy my book.

Married 💍, dad of 2.

Trivia: I am frequently mistaken for Martin Grubinger (I don’t blame you).


Find me on Mastodon or drop me an email at

Latest blog posts

  • Pitch black darkness and the degradation of end user experience

    Yesterday I rode my bike home in pitch black darkness, because the bike lamps ran out of battery. Luckily I was able to go almost all the way on backcountry gravel roads and/or cycle paths. No way I would have survived had I rode on the main road without lights. I felt helpless without those lamps.


  • Svelte Tricks Collection

    A collection of tricks and niceties you might find useful when working with Svelte.


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    • svelte

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    How to handle HTML Forms with multiple submits


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